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Ayurveda Therapy Centre Healing from within


Travel back in time to when holy sages enlightened the world of the principles of holistic healing. Following the scriptures, the all-new Ayurveda Centre at The Gateway Hotel Beach Road in Calicut heals and restores your mind and body with the finest rejuvenation treatments with renowned practitioners

Name of the spa: Ayurveda Therapy Centre

Owner/ Founder: Run by The Taj Group of Hotels, the centre is affiliated to the Coimbatore Ayushman Trust of the Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Pharmacy
Time taken to complete the construction: Not disclosed

Brief: The setting is very pleasing with comfortable air conditioning, mild fragrance of pacholi that wafts in the air with cushioned seating for the visitors. The lights are warm and subdued and chants play in the day. There is a consultation room with five spacious therapy rooms, with the latest amenities and the ‘pathy’ Р a wooden bed on which the oil therapies are given to the client. The chief physician is available all day long.

The centre has been awarded the Green Leaf Award by the Department of Tourism, Government of India for conforming to the standards of Ayurveda and hygiene.

Services available: There are therapy services with yoga and meditation programmes that run from seven to 35 days. Also, therapy is available for various ailments, such as arthritis, spondylitis, migraine, skin disorders, weight loss, multiple sclerosis and more. Beautification therapies for men and women are also there.

Architect’s name and description:
Not disclosed

General Manager: Rajani Mohan Sharma, General Manager,  Ayurveda Therapy Centre, says, “We offer the best of both worlds, authentic Ayurveda herbal therapy along with star comforts.”

Products used: All internal medication and oils used for therapies are manufactured by the Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, who are leaders in Ayurveda.

Email: gateway.calicut@tajhotels.com

Website: www.tajhotels.com