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Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort ‘14 Mélange of Hair Couture, Make-up Artistry


Lakmé Fashion Week S/R ‘14 was a mesmerising fusion of hair couture and out-of-the-box make-up beliefs. Salon India handpicks a few looks that were high on the fashion quotient and grabbed eyeballs

Top Knot, bright pout
Designers: Aarti Vijay Gupta, Abdul Haldar and Prem and Khushboo
Hair: It was rolled up on the head and the sides were slicked back. This not only added height, but appeared an attractive fusion of the east and west.
Make-up: White kohl made its mark as did frosted colours worn as eyeshadows. Lips attracted attention with shades of pink, silver and coral.

Timeless BOBS, Rolls

Designer: Gaurav Gupta
Hair: The Mohawk-like style complemented the futuristic theme. Sides were plastered and hair was rolled up from the back.
Make-up: Dark and mysterious added to the exoticism. Brown and black eyeshadows were preferred as were frosted earthy shades for the lips. Elements were created on the cheeks.

MOHAWK and mysterious
Designer: Mandira Bedi, Narendra Kumar
Hair: The styles were elegant and complementary to the ensembles. From long and short bobs, they added an element of fun to the collections.
Make-up: Light and natural with the eyes doing all the talking. Winged-out liners made a comeback as did heavy lining of kohl. Lips were in shades of pink.

Vintage style
Designers: Manish Malhotra, Monica Shah, Karishma Swali
Hair: Rolled up into buns, the hair look was an intricate mix of charm and vintage style.
Make-up: Eyelids had liner and kohl was used at the lashline. Lips were in shades of tangerine and pink. Cheeks had a delicate hint of colour.

Quiff and Pony
Designers: Mrinalini Chandra, Karishma Sharma Khan
Hair: Raised from the crown, hair was pasted on the sides and tied into a trendy high ponytail.
Make-up: Frosted eyeshadow, bright lips and subtle colour on the cheeks.


This article is originally published in April issue ’14 of Salon International magazine.