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Basics of Hair Styling at Vikas Marwah’s Academy


Located at two spots in Mumbai, the Vikas Marwah’s academy offers technical knowledge on enhancing and styling hair naturally. Spread in 650 and 300 sq.ft. of area, the academy also offers courses for complete transformation of hair. The first academy was started in 2010 with an aim to give better opportunities to young enthusiasts, aiming to create a niche for themselves in hair design, which could be both personally and financially rewarding. Whether a person is planning to join a salon or to own a salon, the academy promises to help in carving the artistic, technical and lifestyle goals.

Says Vikas Marwah, Owner, Vikas Marwah’s Academy, “We offer our students the strongest education and curriculum available, with the right tools, latest advancements and the most hands-on experience possible. First, we teach you the basics thoroughly, which will give you a strong foundation in the art of styling. Then, we expose you to the latest trends and developments and all its complexities, which will hold you in good stead as you venture into the real world.”


The academy offers two main course structures. First is the Foundation Hair Course, which aims at introducingr hair dressing. This empowering and motivating course is designed for the newest hairdressers and focuses on building confidence and knowledge. Classic cutting, finishing, basic perming and colouring techniques will be covered under this, from application and colour choice to simple colour correction and winding techniques, everything is covered here.

The second is a Professional Hair Course and it offers training in all aspects of hairdressing, both theory and practical, for anyone who has a passion for hairstyling. All students will be able to demonstrate a new level of precision in hair cutting after doing this course, with an exceptional quality finish.


Previous hairdressing experience is not required, however, the candidate must have a hunger for learning all aspects of hairdressing and be passionate about the profession.


Starting from Rs 40,000 for a basic course to Rs1.25 lakhs for a professionally certified course.

Business head: Vikas Marwah

Address: A301 Rizvi palace, Above Golden Door Resturant, Hill Road, Bandra West Mumbai

Phone: +91 9867126303

Email: vikas@vikasmarwah.com

Website: www.vikasmarwah.com

This article is originally published in April issue’14 of magazine.