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  • Brand mantra: Giving young women and little girls what they desire in terms of design and style. has its finger firmly placed on the pulse of its target audience who understand fashion and style, and are aware of the new trends.
  • Product assortment: Westernwear for women and girlswear, which includes tops, jackets, dresses, legwear, jeans, shorts, skirts, pedal pushers in fabrics such as denim, power-stretch, cotton, et cetera.
  • Target consumers: Every woman deserves style and comfort in westernwear, so the brand does not limit itself to an age group.
  • Turning point(s) in my brand’s life: When Deal Jeans started, it was a pioneer in legwear because it was the only brand to start with this category for women. Starting with tops and dresses was a turning point in the brand’s life, as it was adding a new category in its portfolio.
  • Brand turnover: Rs100 crore
  • Growth percentage: 35 to 50 per cent per annum
  • Any change: The brand is working towards establishing separate identities for ladieswear and girlswear.
  • Retail presence: Pan India
  • Total no. of EBOs: Mumbai
  • Total no. of MBOs: 2000
  • Total no. of flagship store(s): 1
  • Expansion or extension or diversification plan(s): The brand has recently launched an accessory brand called ‘Even 2 Odd’ (E2O).