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Armani`s Samsung hits India!


Samsung B7620, designed by the fashion maestro Giorgio Armani, is a combination of the world famous Armani design and a quality assurance from Samsung. The fashionable device features gold accents and Giorgio Armani’s logo on the front. Unlike the previous Armani phones, the new Samsung B7620 is a smartphone.

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The Samsung Giorgio Armani is a designer labelled touch screen high-end fashion phone. Its fashionable looking casing features a sleek black  body with attractive bronze edges. The phone is a slider with a QWERTY keypad at its slide out position. There is a 3.5 inches AMOLED touch screen. The new Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani runs over Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 professional operating system that can be upgraded to 6.5 version.

To top it all, the phone also has an Armani application. The application will help the user browse through Armani`s latest collections, ramp shows, locate the nearest stores, create a look and lots more.

Officially unveiled in Europe in October 2009, the new Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 is now available in India. The Indian Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 cost approximately Rs. 30,000.