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Kolhapur: Spring ‘The Boutique Spa’


Power Spa Pvt Ltd, which is known for its mobile spa services at offices, events, promotions, parties, etc has been opening location spas as well, and has a new opening at Hotel Pearl in Kolhapur on April 2.

This 1,500 square foot spa has three spa rooms, a dry spa zone, a pedi-spa zone, hydrotherapy and spa deck. The spa deck is basically an open area with a sun roof. Inside, the spa ambiance is replete with recessed and ambient lights, aroma candles, etc, complimenting the natural materials used including dry leaves, drift wood, stones, pebbles etc.

“We have two business verticals — mobile spas and land spas,” explains Pankaj Sharma, Director, Power Spa Pvt Ltd. This is the fifth of the land spas opened by the company which has plans to open 10 more this year.