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    Focus on E-commerce – strategising the retail business


    iStrategy 2009, an exclusive conference from October 27 – 28 is going to be organised in Berlin by the business organisations to create a platform to discuss on the insights and strategies on how to monetise, create digital revenue, take advantage of social media, and flood the relevant online routes with their message, their product, and hopefully, their “buy now” button in the organised modern trade.

    According to the organisers, there are a number of retail companies even in the west who don’t understand what SEO is and how it works for businesses or what bounce rates are and for that matter they aren’t really sure about traffic, html, viral marketing, or social media. These companies often loose on their profitability and disqualify in building optimum network with suitable clientele.

    In comparison to this, there are forward thinking companies those have recognised the changing landscape through the vast reachability of internet for the company’s network, brand and marketing, as one of the most important tools and assets. So the conference would be a meeting point of all those of companies in both the categories.

    Michael Donnelly, group director, Coca-Cola and Babs Rangaiah, global director communications planning for Unilever are leading an all-star cast of experts in workshops and keynote speeches on a range of topics that will cover , podcasting, , behavioural targeting, social media, and online branding.

    The cumulative goals for the conference would be to generate revenue, exposure, branding, and most importantly, profit, with cutting edge online strategies. The €1750 iStrategy conference is perhaps the most comprehensive assemblage of internet strategists in Europe the year ‘2009’, and should be a vital stop for any serious executive, business development, or marketing professional, opined the organisers.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau