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    Reasoning launches online retailing solutions


    has launched , a multi channel online retailing solution. According to a company press release, built webstores give maximum information to online customers. All the information is as real-time online as the physical store of the retailer. Moreover, builds online stores with local online identity. When online customers undertake a search, enabled webstores figure amongst the search results.

    “Resisting the mounting problems of market crisis and increasing sales have become a big challenge for enterprises today. It is necessary to harness all the touch points of a customer through an effective marketing and retailing solution and thus increase sales. The early bird, in this case, will catch the worm,” emphasises Girish Kasliwal, vice president, Reasoning.

    He further adds, “Targeted marketing is the most appropriate approach which is now easily possible at an affordable price through our e-enabler platform, MartJack. Retailers can now make their online store (webstore) accessible to a wider audience through the internet and mobile, helping them increase footfalls to their physical stores.”

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau