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    Farm commodities price remain steady


    The farm commodity prices generally remained steady or showed mixed trend in some such as wheat and sugar at the retail level monitored by the Department of Consumer Affairs over the week ending October 29, 2007.

    The retail price of wheat remained steady at majority of the monitoring centers but declined at Jaipur and increased in Lucknow.

    The retail price of sugar remained steady over the week across most of the centres, but increased at Lucknow and Bhubaneshwar.

    Prices of gram dal have generally remained steady across majority of the monitoring centers though it increased at Delhi and Chennai.

    Prices of tur dal increased at Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata and Shillong.

    Over 6.44 lakh tonne of imported pulses have arrived at Indian ports out of 12.18 lakh tonne contracted by STC (3, 15,000 T), Nafed (2,60,000 T), PEC (3,87, 300 T) and MMTC (2,56,250 T).

    At Delhi, as on October 29, prices of rice, tur dal, groundnut oil, mustard oil, vanaspati, milk and onion were holding steady for one week; those of wheat and salt for one month and price of loose tea was steady for 6 months.