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    Cool weather boosts retail sales in UK


    Does cool weather impact retail sales ? So it appears in UK where retail sales growth accelerated in September, buoyed by cooler weather and price cuts, figures revealed.

    The retail sales grew 3% in September compared with 1.8% in August, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said, according to media reports.

    The chilly end to the month prompted consumers to grab warmer clothing and footwear, while heavy discounts spurred sales across all sectors.

    This showed that the recent credit crunch has not had any impact on spending patterns.

    Experts had cautioned that recent credit market worries and high interest rates could lead to consumers tightening their purse strings.

    “Certainly September was a lot better than people were expecting,” said Helen Dickinson, head of retail at consultants KPMG, which helped compile the data.

    “We’ll have to wait for the key Christmas trading period to see whether this is just a blip,” she said.