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Skincare brand Skinella unveils super foods for your skin


Weary of all the toxic ingredients, is your skin famishing for the right products? Skinella, a new skincare brand is here to help you feed your skin with the power of super foods and fresh fruits. Its exquisite range of products are crafted with natural ingredients to provide skin its right nutrition.

Skincare brand Skinella unveils super foods for your skin
Skinella was conceptualised by Dolly Kumar to cater to skin health using natural solutions

Blending natural ingredients to formulate visually enticing products, Skinella’s range of products not only offer a delightful treat to the connoisseur but also give the skin an exotic as experience of fresh fruits and super foods, helping it glow with a flawless radiance.

This unique product range includes – Cranberry Skin Lightening Crème, Grapefruit face and Body Sorbet, Honey Oats Face Scrub, Pink Guava Body Polish Scrub, Mandarin Gel Body Wash, Blueberry Face Wash, Juicy Fresh De-Tan Face Mask, Watermelon Sunscreen, Coffee Chocolate Face Mask and lip balms in 4 flavours – Coffee, Strawberry, Chocolate and Blueberry.

Talking about this new venture, Director at Skinella, Dolly Kumar, said, “We wanted to come up with something very exciting for the young audience who love being natural; who don’t like carrying the baggage of make-up, who are bold and most importantly who embrace their flaws and want to deal with them naturally. We also witnessed that the market and store shelves are flooded with a number of skin care products and a countless skin care brands. But none of these brands offer a complete range of products that specially cater to the skincare needs of the young segment.”

Dolly Kumar, who is also a staunch fitness enthusiast and a cosmetic engineer, further added, “The recent trends show that people across the world are adopting natural solutions over toxic and harsh chemicals to address their every day health and grooming needs. Realising there is no better way to groom yourself naturally than by feeding your skin with the power of super foods; we have formulated this very unique range of skincare products using fresh fruits and super foods.”

Dolly Kumar, whose entrepreneurship venture started in 2009 with India’s one of the first health & wellness brands GAIA, said, “Bringing a unique association of the two brands (GAIA and Skinella) was necessary. GAIA has already established itself as one of the few Indian brands catering to the health conscious audience. In fact, the only brand which has a complete line of health foods; Skinella, on the other hand was meant to be a skincare brand. But we did not want to leave the health factor behind. I think that is what makes us unique. Thus, Skinella was born catering to skin health using natural solutions.”