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Apple ropes in Amazon’s ex VP as security officer


has appointed as their Security Officer to superintend its corporate digital embankment. With a strong reputation among security professionals, Stathakopoulos joined on duty with about a week ago.

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An ex-Amazon executive will now protect Apple's products

As heard from the people who are aware of the development, Stathakopoulos has served Amazon earlier as the Vice President of Information Security and before that he was working with Microsoft as the General Manager, Product Security.

Reporting to Luca Maestri, the Chief Financial Officer, Apple, Stathakopoulos will be involved in protecting the corporate assets, which include the computers for designing, the development software and customer related data.

The decision of hiring of a new security executive was taken by Apple amid an unprecedented fight with the US Justice Department. The company was expected to write software enabling it to get data from an iPhone 5C which was used by a shooter in the San Bernardino killing spree.

Apple along with other allies in the same industry protested that compelling a company to write this type of a software would set a paradigm which will be applicable to other cases and companies. Prosecutors have mentioned that they are focused on a single phone. The fight is well expected to reach the Supreme Court.