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    IRS chooses Axind’s visual mechandising software for their PG students


    The Indian Retail School, the academic institute of retail launched by House of Pearl, has selected ‘MockShop’ visual merchandising software from Axind for their PG students of fashion marketing and fashion retail to gain a hands-on experience with visual merchandising.

    According to A.K.G. Nair, director, Indian Retail School, “Our vision is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the entire fashion value chain and for this purpose to create envisioned talent equipped with the latest tools and technologies. The choice for Mockshop was an obvious one, as it is an appropriate and futuristic software that can improve upon the visual merchandising skills and capabilities of our graduates.”

    MockShop is visual merchandising software designed specifically for the fashion industry. It is a virtual reality tool that gives visual merchandisers complete creative freedom for building interactive 3D stores of any size and designing shop floors by simply dragging and dropping fixtures, garments and graphics. Mockshop’s automatically generated planograms communicate your vision delivering a perfectly executed shop layout — all from the comfort of your PC.

    “Indian retail companies need to have a better understanding and apply visual merchandising concepts in their retail outlets. The value of visual merchandising is easily illustrated by a McKinsey study that has shown that 70 per cent of customers make an initial ‘buy’ decision on the shop floor. The Indian Retail School has selected MockShop, the visual merchandising software, to teach its students,” said Sanjoy Sahgal, managing director, Axind.

    The Indian Retail School (IRS) is the first academic institute of retail, catering to the growing fashion and retail sectors in India. The institute conducts a range of programmes to educate and hone the skills of retail professionals and aspirants to meet the immediate and upcoming requirement of the retail sector.

    Axind is a privately held company that delivers sourcing (PDM & PLM), manufacturing, sales and visual merchandising solutions to companies in the fashion and lifestyle industries.