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    Learn the art of retail funding at IRF 2012


    Impactful presentations can help retailers secure the right funding for growing their business. The session titled "Fundamentals of Funding: Key Contents of a Successful Pitch – Do’s and Dont’s of Attracting Investors to Fund Your Retail Business" to be held at the two-day India Retail Forum (IRF) 2012 starting October 10 at Renaissance, Mumbai will help retailers learn the mantra of raising funds successfully.

    The discussion led by investors, investees, and entrepreneurs will impart significant insight for the retail players hopeful of raising funds for their businesses.Considered as one of the most important emerging markets in the world, the Indian retail industry has bright prospects of attracting funding from potential investors, provided the players pay attention to the minute details involved in the process. The session will cover the key mistakes to be avoided, the requisites, and the precautions to be followed to raise the right funding from the right source.

    Retail players will benefit from the useful tips and conclusions arrived at during the session helping them plan their next funding move. To sum it up, the session will make the vicious cycle of funding a much simpler affair.

    -IndiaRetailing Bureau