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    Macy’s using Web to attract foreign interest


    Macy’s Inc. wants to make it easier for the foreign tourists who visit its stores to keep shopping once they go home.

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    The U.S. retailer this week will begin letting people in foreign countries who visit its and bloomingdales.com websites shop online and have the items shipped to them.

    Foreign shoppers paid 36 million visits to macys.com in 2010, or about eight per cent of the total number of visits, and the chain wants that interest to translate into more online sales.

    “When we looked at all the international business in our stores, we asked ‘How can we use this (technology) to add to it?”‘ , president of macys.com, told Reuters.

    Macy’s has been testing the international shopping function for three weeks in Australia, Canada and Britain, and on Monday will formally launch and expand that to another 88 countries .

    Source : Calgary Herald