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White is Right


There is nothing more exciting than having a blank colour palette. White, is a colour that is so neutral that it fits into any apparel, event or style. If it is the heat of summer then white cools you down. If it is the dark tones of night when you want a good night’s sleep, then a white nightie and peignoir will put you into dreamy slumber land very fast.

On the other hand, there is nothing like pristine white for a gown as the lady walks down the aisle to say “I do” to the love of her life. White signifies purity, beauty and grace, so it’s the first choice of not only women but even men. The white shirt known as the “Great White Hope” by fashion connoisseurs is a must for all good dressers. Team a white shirt with jeans, denim skirts, blue blazer or of course with a tuxedo; and you are all set to make a stylish impression at any formal do.
The wonderful thing about white is the flexibility of this neutral colour. Team it with any other shade and it blends in beautifully. A white and black comb is considered a classic along with a white, navy and red trio. White is the perfect background for prints and embroidery. Of course, white is also the choice for some sad occasions but the happier ones far outweigh them?

Designers like , and Aslam Khan have often presented full collections for fashion weeks in white, since detailing like pin tucks, pleats, rouching, smocking, gathers, cowls appear very sticking on white. Designer has also created full white suits for men’s formal wear. In fact a white suit looks great when a man takes his wedding vows.

Think of the kurta and churidar for man and women and white chikan work is the first thing that comes to mind. Nothing is more ethereal than a crisp white kurta churidar duo. So, when in doubt just go for a white outfit as you can never go wrong, since white is always right.