Home Retail Wal-Mart will stock all Unilever brands in India

    Wal-Mart will stock all Unilever brands in India


    “Unilever will remain a top priority for Wal-Mart, as it is in other countries where the retail giant has its presence,” claimed Sanjiv Kakkar, executive director, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, while speaking to Indiaretailing on the sidelines of the 9th Marketing & Retail Conclave organised by Technopak.

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    Kakkar affirmed that Unilever is Wal-Mart’s associate across the globe, and will have the same kind of partnership in India as well. However, as he pointed out, “the kind of FMCG products and brands that we have in our portfolio, it cannot be ignored by any retailer.”

    Asked if Unilever has any plans to enter the business of retail, Kakkar said: “Unilever will never be a retailer. The business should be left to those who are good at it. We have our own expertise and shall continue our association with branded retail chains, as also with the kirana stores.”

    Kakkar also assured that small mom-and-pop stores should not fear the growing presence of organised retail as they will continue to dominate the Indian market. For Unilever, the kiranawalas will continue to be their biggest consumers.