How Liva is proving to a thoughtfully fashionable brand

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Fashion has traditionally been only about looking good. It was
always about creating an impression with little regard for
comfort. However, in recent times, the notion has changed

Especially in the last few months, popularized by the work-from-
home-culture, comfort has become an essential part of fashion now. The pandemic has also forced fashion to a more sustainable
future and accelerated the pace of conscious consumerism. In fact, sustainability is going to be non-negotiable in the fashion industry. In the years to come, winners will be judged on how well they have incorporated sustainability into real business practices.

LIVA promises an early movers advantage to brands and fashion
businesses with its range of nature based fabrics that are naturally smooth and breathable. Along with being extremely sustainable, LIVA’s fabrics offer a flattering drape, making it an ideal choice for comfortable, fashionable yet plush garments that goes a long way in boosting the wearers confidence and attitude.

What Makes Garment Made With LIVA Fabrics So

LIVA fabrics are enriched with nature based fibres from Birla
Cellulose. These fibres are ethically derived from natural and
renewable resources and that’s what makes them extremely

Lending the ultimate comfort to the wearer, LIVA fabrics enriched with these value fibres provide the following attributes:

Drape and Flow: Garments made with LIVA drape so well that the garments move with the wearer. They take the shape of the wearer, hence making them ideal for every body type.

Luxurious Softness: LIVA fabrics enriched with Birla ModalTM fibres are not just soft but are a soft as crème. They have a great sheen to them as well.

Naturally Smooth: Being nature based, LIVA fabrics are naturally smooth and keep you fresh, day long. The high breathability of these fabrics results in less sweat and odor.

Feather-light: LIVA fabrics enriched with Birla Micro-ModalTM fibres, that are extremely fine, which makes garments as light as feather.

LIVA Fabrics’ Commitment to Sustainability

Garments made with Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM and LIVA Reviva are eco-friendly while being fashionable. Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM is an eco-enhanced fashion ingredient derived from FSC® certified natural renewable resources following globally acceptable principles of Sustainable Forestry Management that ensures green cover and no harm to endangered forest. Besides being biodegradable, garments made with Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM are environment friendly in the following ways:

  • Reduced water consumption: Every garment made using Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM saves almost 900 litres of water. This sum is equivalent to the daily potable water need of about 200
  • Lesser green-house emissions: Garments made with Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM emit much lesser green- house gases as opposed to other materials. This reduced number is equivalent to planting 6 trees (6 trees per ton of Livaeco by Birla CelluloseTM fibre). LIVA Reviva, on the other hand, is a nature based fashion ingredient based on the principles of Circular textile. Since pre-consumer textile waste is one of its main raw materials, it reduces the impact of textile wastes on landfills. Garments made with LIVA Reviva fabric also consume lesser water and emit less greenhouse gases. The positive impact on the environment coupled with the high fashion quotient of this fabric, makes it the ideal future of fashion.

LIVA Fabrics Promises Confident in all Circumstances

Garments made with LIVA fabrics changes the way you dresses and feels. It allows consumers to live their flow with confidence in the following ways:

Fabrics that flow with you: LIVA’s unique drape ensures that clothes truly flow with you as you move, making them extremely flattering. When your clothes truly feel like your second skin, confidence is sure to ooze as you move.

Breathable and lightweight: LIVA fabrics are feather-light and breathable, which makes them ideal for all weathers. In summers they ensure lesser perspiration, whereas in winters they can be layered on with ease, thereby adding warmth. When you are comfortable outside, you feel confident inside!

Consistent Colour & Fade Resistant: Enriched with Birla Spunshades, LIVA fabrics offer vibrant colours. At the same time, Birla’s unique Colour-Lock Technology ensures that garments are highly fade resistant. With consistent colour, one never has to worry about a garment looking old.

Sustainable: When you are sure your fashion choices have no harmful impact on the environment, you enjoy it guilt free.

Bouncy Feel: Beating the usual impression of an eco-friendly apparel, garments made with LIVA are not boxy. LIVA fabrics enriched with Birla ExcelTM fibres possess a bouncy feel that makes the wearer look more energetic.

Thoughtfully crafted fabrics by LIVA lend exquisite flow to every attire so that you can always live your flow confidently. And being confident in an outfit you wear is what LIVA calls thoughtfully fashionable.

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