HomeLane.com unveils virtual design platform SpaceCraft

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HomeLane.com, India’s leading online provider of home fit-out solutions, has launched ‘SpaceCraft’, the world’s first virtual design platform that allows homeowners and designers to collaborate on design ideas and visualize a furnished home in 3D in real time. This dramatically reduces the time needed to arrive at design decisions and crashes the time taken to complete a home project by 30 days or 33 per cent.
The conventional home furnishing experience has always relied heavily on in-person design meetings between customers and interior designers. With SpaceCraft, not only can they now connect virtually and co-create designs in real time, but it can also completely eliminate the imagination-gap that arises because the designer and the homeowner were imagining things differently. As a result, homeowners get a completed project that mirrors the design they selected, simultaneously saving precious time and money through speedier execution of the project.
An initial survey done among HomeLane’s designers found that they are able to work 5 times faster and are able to close orders in 7 days, which was earlier taking anywhere from 30 to 45 days. Use of SpaceCraft, therefore, translates to an increase in business for both the designers and HomeLane.
Co-founder and CEO, Srikanth Iyer, HomeLane.com said, “Our vision is to fundamentally disrupt the home furnishing experience for homeowners. SpaceCraft is a revolutionary product that allows homeowners and designers to remotely participate in a virtual design experience, enabling them to iterate on interior designs, as per their budget, lifestyle and aesthetics. We’ve made interior design convenient and transparent using innovative technology. The need to meet physically is going to be eliminated and transparency will improve.”
“We also believe that the SpaceCraft launch will streamline our operational processes at HomeLane and will add an incremental 200 per cent growth to our revenues,” Srikanth added.
Chief Product Officer, Vivek Seetharaman said, “SpaceCraft takes the guess work out of making interior design choices – cutting edge visualisation technology enables customers to make a confident purchase decision.”
One of the most valuable features of SpaceCraft is that it comes with an integrated pricing engine, which allows the customer to see the costing implications of every design change instantly. The comprehensive design platform covers several important home design decisions; including fixed furniture, loose furniture, paints, wallpapers and false ceilings. Customers and designers can together customize and visualize every part of a new home design efficiently and conveniently.
SpaceCraft works on a browser wherein both the homeowner and the designer can log-in simultaneously and can discuss and iterate on designs real-time through a video or voice-led conference integrated in the platform.
HomeLane currently operates in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, where it has handed over 1300+ furnished homes. The startup is a pioneer in organized online home furnishing market and offers an industry first 45-day delivery guarantee for fixed furniture. HomeLane, till date has raised about US $15 Million in venture funding from marquee investors like Sequoia Capital, Aarin, Growth Story and Baring PE.

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