Blue Mount to introduce alkaline RO with UV Filter; plans to expand to 40 countries

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Blue Mount, the market leaders in domestic and commercial water purification systems, will launch its new RO filter in the city on 14 May. The launch will also kickstart the company’s second anniversary celebrations.
Managing Director of Blue Mount Appliances, Vishal Gupta, said: “The new system combines the purity offered by the alkaline RO process and the tremendous benefits of anti-oxidant alkaline water that includes restoration of the body’s pH balance and improving cellular hydration. Alkaline RO water is also a powerful antioxidant. The UV filtration, on its part, destroys 99.9 per cent microorganisms with no extra chemicals added to the water.”
All our water softeners, Gupta said, use NSF certified media for water treatment. Also, the quality being used for resin is the best in the market for Blue Mount.
“All Blue Mount products are based on the alkaline water technology. The company’s aim is to provide quality water to each and every customer” says eminent Bollywood actress and Blue Mount brand ambassador, Karishma Kapoor.
The company, earlier, manufactured alkaline ROs in which the ultimate aim was to provide quality water. With new advancements in technologies, the demand for a more advanced purifier began to pour in. UV tube for bacteria deactivation and similar other refinements started to become the norm in the industry. It brought several innovative ideas to the R&D team. After many tests and trials, the company has come up with the new purifier.
“Blue Mount has 16 variants of domestic alkaline RO water purifiers range under six different families. All units output alkaline water with a pH of more than seven,” Kapoor added.
Blue Mount has expanded globally over the last few years. It was awarded India’s Greatest Brand 2015-16 and Asia’s Greatest Brand 2016-17. The company has already established its presence in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria and Nepal through brand associates.
Kapoor said, “The presence of the UV tube after purification, makes the water alkaline, which deactivates the bacteria. With a membrane size of 100 GPD Blue Mount assures a purification capacity of 18 ltr/hr. Blue Mount is constantly spreading awareness about the benefits of alkaline water by participating in various exhibitions.”
“We now plan to expand to Bhutan and the Dominican Republic. We participated in the India Expo 2017 at Kenya. We target expanding to 40 countries by this year,” informed Gupta.
Gupta added, “A study in 2012 found that alkaline water having a pH of 8.8 can help in deactivating pepsin, which is the main enzyme causing acid reflux in our body. Another research suggested that alkaline water has several benefits for people suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.”

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