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Why Warehouse Automation?

Disrupting the Logistics and Supply Chain through warehouse automation

GreyOrange is a multinational firm that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at warehouses, distribution and fulfilment centres. With deep domain expertise, world class hardware and software engineering and the passion to solve complex business problems, the company is disrupting the way logistics and supply chain processes across the world are being optimized.

With consumer preferences shifting fast from next-day delivery to same-day delivery to now four hours delivery, supply chain has become a critical function for businesses to remain competitive. Robotic solutions today can automate the warehouse operations for inventory management and order fulfilment; order profiling, routing and consolidation in fulfilment and distribution centres, to increase efficiency multi-fold and improve last mile delivery.

GreyOrange is enabling its customers by pushing traditional boundaries of existing markets and redefining warehouses and supply chains across the world. GreyOrange’s AI enabled marquee solutions- Butler and Sorter, have transformed supply chains across the globe with customers in e-commerce, logistics, consumer goods and retail sectors.

To know more on how GreyOrange’s Butler and Sorter are disrupting the supply chain process, please visit us at stall BR1A at India Retail Forum on September 19th and 20th 2017.

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