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Watson, Retail and the Art of the Possible

The Consumer is the Channel: Infusing cognitive capabilities to engage and differentiate now and in the future

In today’s digitally- enabled world, retailers must quickly collect, analyse and act on information across every point of consumer interaction, to drive deeper understanding, better engagement and to set themselves apart from their competitors. Cognitive computing from IBM understands virtually all types of data, and it reasons and learns over time, letting you turn insight into action. Retailers can use cognitive computing to differentiate themselves with consumers and throughout the value chain. Retail and consumer products organizations must leverage cognitive computing capabilities to take full advantage of vast quantities of data, optimize their back-end functions and ensure that the customer is the only channel that matters. IBM works with 40 of the top 50 retailers in more than 175 countries and Watson is currently engaged with clients in 25 countries and 20 different industries. By combining Watson with our deep industry expertise, IBM can deliver a safe, secure cognitive computing experience for consumers.

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