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Hyderabad-based personal care brand Tru Hair & Skin, which offers skincare, haircare, body, face, baby, and women’s hygiene products was looking to automate its operations to improve efficiency, overcome challenges, and support its exponential growth plans. It experienced significant improvement in every aspect of its operations as a result of partnering with VasyERP. From two locations, the brand was able to reach over 2,600 locations in two years.

Business Challenge

Hyderabad-based personal care brand Tru Hair & Skin faced numerous challenges in managing operations. Even though it was operating at just two locations, efficiency suffered as the processes were manual. It caused errors, which led to delays in inventory management, order processing, and financial reporting. As the company planned to expand, the absence of a robust and scalable system became a significant obstacle. Coordinating between different locations was cumbersome, resulting in data inconsistencies and difficulties in maintaining a unified view of the business operations.

The Approach

The company chose to partner with VasyERP as it offered a scalable and comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that perfectly matched its growth ambitions.

“We were particularly impressed by its user-friendly interface and the flexibility to customize the system according to the specific needs. Additionally, VasyERP’s proven track record of helping businesses scale efficiently gave the confidence to choose them,” a Tru Hair & Skin representative said.

Tru Hair & Skin opted for VasyERP’s complete ERP suite, which included modules for inventory management, sales, finance, procurement, and warehouse management. The implementation approach was strategic and phased. VasyERP’s team started with a thorough assessment of the existing processes and requirements. They then configured the system, migrated the data, and provided extensive training to the staff. This phased rollout allowed to gradual integration of the ERP system into the operations, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

Business Impact

As a result of the ERP implementation, Tru Hair & Skin’s operations became significantly more efficient and streamlined. Data consistency and accuracy improved across all locations, giving real-time insights into the business. Inventory management became more effective, reducing instances of stockouts and overstocking. Automation of manual tasks saved time and reduced errors, leading to increased productivity and lower operational costs. Due to the enhanced efficiency, Tru Hair was able to scale to over 2,600 locations seamlessly.

“We saw a substantial reduction in inventory carrying costs and improved order fulfillment rates, which boosted customer satisfaction,” the representative said.

The integrated financial module streamlined the financial processes, providing timely and accurate financial insights. Moreover, the solution allowed it to continue expanding without significant additional investments in IT infrastructure.

About Tru Hair

Established in 2020, Tru Hair & Skin is owned by Med Manor Organics Pvt. Ltd. The brand offers products in the price range of Rs 149 to Rs 500 on average.

About VasyERP

VasyERP offers cloud-based omnichannel solutions, which help businesses manage their end-to-end functions like sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, and GST.

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