Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Nathasha AR Kumar, Founder and CEO,

Nathasha AR Kumar                                 ...
Women entrepreneurs shaping India's fashion retail sector

20 women entrepreneurs shaping India’s fashion retail sector

Today, a woman’s role in society has far transcended that of a homemaker; she is now a primary decision...

Ena Bansal, Chief Digital Strategist,

A digital strategist with around 15 years of rich experience in devising and executing marketing in varied industry settings,...

Watch Video: Promotion Strategy of

Founder and CEO,, Nathasha Kumar shares that the way we showcase the products online was very important for...
Vajor to go Omnichannel; open offline stores in September

Vajor to go Omnichannel; open brick-and-mortar stores in September

Vajor, one of India's leading online brand dealing in women’s wear, footwear, bags, jewellery, accessories and home decor, is...