Rajendra K Aneja

15 Shopping & Business Discontinuities In COVID-19 Times: Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Malls, Apparel, Grocery, Online, Workers

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis in the history of mankind. As if now, there is no readymade solutions in a manual or a business school textbook. The trauma of the pandemic, has led to significant changes in human behaviour....

Cracking the challenge of selling to 10 million grocers in India

Selling is as old as the hills. It started with Eve persuading Adam to eat the forbidden apple. This ancient art, at first so simple, has turned into something complex in a complicated country like India. In India, selling is a...
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Timex India collaborates with Unicommerce for e-commerce

Timex has deployed Unicommerce’s order management and warehouse management solutions at its warehouses New Delhi: Timepieces brand Timex India has partnered...
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