Narayan Sabharwal

Guts over Fear

Life begins where fear ends; it is a battle between guts over fear and when the gut wins, an epochal journey begins from there. The Indian retail industry is also undergoing a metamorphosis: Following omni-channel pursuit to innovating usage...

Simba Toys to expand to 30-40 stores in India by 2016

Simba Toys India, a part of the German toy maker Simba Dickie Group, is planning to expand to 30-40 stores in India by 2016. The company is operating five retail stores at present. Simba Dickie Group is one of...
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The Growing Urban Sprawl is likely to Spread Beyond Tier I Cities in 2023

Apart from the Tier I cities, the ten key cities which saw retail and real estate development were Chandigarh,...
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