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Top-selling gift cards on Amazon during Diwali 

Amazon India launched its e-gift card store in 2014 with multiple e-gift cards from different companiesNew Delhi: Exchanging gifts during Diwali is an age-old ritual. Over the years, with the rise of e-commerce, the nature of gifts has evolved with...

After success in US, Amazon Echo launched in UK

Amazon's smart speaker system - Amazon Echo - was unveiled in the UK on September 28, 2016. The Echo, which is an artificial intelligence device, is a 23.5 cm tall cylindrical speaker - similar in appearance to the UE Megaboom - with a seven-piece microphone...
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IR Smart Class: Identity As a Service (IDaaS) Simplified

An explainer on Identity and Access Management-As-A-Service (IDaaS) in the context of retailRetail organisations have to deal with mountains...
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