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The route to profit maximisation

What is the route to profit maximisation when it comes to retail?

In addition to everything else, you need:

  1. Information
  2. Intelligence
  3. Imaging

At SureSolutions®, we go beyond the usual platitudes when it comes to innovation in information, intelligence and imaging for the retail trade. We call it our I+I3 platform.

Information comes in the form of big data at your fingertips. Not just numbers, map the traffic flow across stores, across regions, across cities, across whatever in real-time. Drill down for specifics. Learn about instore movement. Plan efficient product placement. Make your promotions work better.

Intelligence goes electronic, combining legacy with the latest in RFID. Track SKUs with ease, reduce errors to almost nil, redeploy human resources, increase efficiency and cut down costs. See what works best for you, what meets your budgets, what is scalable according to your needs.

Imaging allows customers to see and select options, colours, choices virtually instantly. No physical items and less time consuming by turning the experience interactive. Present information better. Let the action in. Make your communication more effective.

To know more, visit SureSolutions® at IRF 2017.