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Redefining retail with technology solutions

Bosch brings to the retail world, an array of solutions at store, asset and consumer levels aimed at
–  Enhancing the user experience
–  Increasing asset productivity, uptime and efficiency thereby ensuring high ROI
–   Taking strides towards the next generation of smart retail stores

We bring personalization indoor positioning technologies to provide a unique shopping experience to the end consumer. These technologies offers an opportunity to deliver personalized services to the end consumer by understanding the preferences& habits of the customer as an individual. Bosch brings to the world of brick & mortar the advantage that the online retailers have enjoyed over the years & provides them a better opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell & down-sell with real-time consumer insights. Real time targeted advertising based on product affinity, purchase history & location can now be a reality for the brick & mortar retail stores

Our asset monitoring solutions are non-intrusive providing asset based analytics, alerts and actions suggestions. Efficient usage of assets, transparency and decreased downtime to avoid ambiguous situations, and warning signals before asset downtime will help retailers improve their maintenance services. Asset management services, predictive analytics, maintenance digitization services and in-store analytics are solutions developed by Bosch India to help retailers achieve this.

To know more, visit us at stall BR1 at IRF on September 19th and 20th.