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With the advent of e-commerce and mobile shopping, an omnichannel experience is a must for consumers. Looking at the dire of providing an omnichannel experience, retailers cannot afford to take this for granted. Leading retailers already leveraging omnichannel supply chains are trying to further personalize, unify and distinguish their customer experience, while many longstanding businesses are still wondering how to tackle this disruptive technology and retain customer loyalty against online giants. Workloads, workforce requisites, and operational costs are all likely to overshoot if the entire omnichannel system is not carefully designed, operated, automated, and continually optimized..


The Next-Generation Digital Supply Chain
Making the organizations faster, flexible & efficient

The supply chain and its rightful integration have emerged as the need of the hour in the current scenario. Robust supply chains can help brands and retailers get closer to their customer base in just a click. This calls for the right supply chain strategies to build resilient supply networks that balance efficiency with flexibility, agility, and resilience in supply chain network design. Let’s delve deeper to understand how we can build agility into the supply chain strategy to continually adapt to innovative technology. Let’s decode the idea of building a resilient supply chain in a digital way to win a bigger market share in the new normal.

Deliver the perfect order with a complete omnichannel order fulfillment platform

Brands leverage omnichannel to deliver frictionless and incredible shopping experiences

Multiple touchpoints pose a boon to the retail ecosystem. However, ensuring that the customer journey across these touchpoints is seamless and unwavering is also a must. So, with increasing digital channels it is a must to keep control over the customer-facing touchpoints and integrating them to offer every customer a seamless customer journey is equally important. How to automate and scale these touchpoints? What’s the role of data in building the connection between the touchpoints? Let’s make omnichannel journeys simplified and connected with ease. Here’s to discussing its nuances in-depth!


Supply Chain Resilience in an Age of Disruption Reset strategies to anticipate disruption as the “new normal.”

Profitable fulfillment

Building green Supply chain- Reducing Carbon footprint

Adoption of digital supply chain technologies as well as technologies that improve human decision making

Modularity – A composable supply chain shortens the time to create or capitalize on an emerging opportunity and allows for quick reactions that can minimize the impact of an emerging threat or disruption.


Leveraging data to anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations

Why retailers should be in the Marketplace & the trends

Challenges around Reconciliation & Business Insights, predictability, operational diagnostics

Increasing digital channels across critical customer touchpoints

About Acuver

Acuver helps local and global retailers build a unified experience that transcends channel boundaries and enables faster and seamless omnichannel retail fulfilment for customers. Acuver’s expertise in building unified omnichannel systems that cover everything from procurement to marketing, delivery and aftersales, assures organizations of rapid ROI and uninterrupted services.


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