Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Sunil Nair

Sunil Nair is Vice President, Technology Solutions at SPAR India.
Redefining brick-and-mortar stores digitally

Redefining brick-and-mortar stores digitally

Digital has transformed the way we live. In almost every walk of life, the smartphone elevates our experience, adding value and streamlining the way...
Using data mining for bumping business profitability

Expert Speak: Using data mining for bumping business profitability

As retailing moves at an increasing velocity towards multi-channel, the need to understand the customer across channels has never been greater. Customer expectations of of...
Reshaping Modern Retail in the 'technology'cal way

Reshaping modern retail in the ‘technology’cal way

From IoT to Omni-channel, SMAC to Big Data, retail industry is trying hard to cope up with the technological advances. Today it might be...