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Rajendra K Aneja

15 Shopping & Business Discontinuities In COVID-19 Times: Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Malls, Apparel, Grocery, Online, Workers

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis in the history of mankind. As if now, there is no readymade solutions in a manual or a business...

Cracking the challenge of selling to 10 million grocers in India

Selling is as old as the hills. It started with Eve persuading Adam to eat the forbidden apple. This ancient art, at first so simple,...

“The politicis of Organised Retail will be short – Lived”

The time for retailing in India, as an organised industry, has arrived.Indian retail should be granted industry status immediately. There need not be any...

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Mahindra Logistics profit falls 55% to Rs 10.15 crore in April-June

The revenue during the quarter under review, however, rose 10 per cent to Rs 1,156.66 crore from Rs 1,050.92...