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Charu Lamba
A happy soul who enjoys exploring and sharing the goodness of a plant-based diet. Also, passionate about travel, shopping and indulging in the best of ice cream.
CSR Initiatives: Best for society, better for products

CSR by Brands: Best for society, better for products

It's been three years since the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy has been implemented in India and multi-national companies (MNCs) in India have taken to it like a...
5 must try tea retail outlets

5 tea retail outlets that are reinventing India’s chai culture

Tea – The National Drink of India The traditional chai is getting a makeover in India. Rising incomes and demand for a refined experience transcending...
Pop-up restaurants, a delicious surprise

Pop-up restaurants, a delicious surprise

Food: our very life force, the centre of all gastronomical adventures! One such thrill which makes foodies buzz is the pop-up restaurant. The pop-up, much like its name, comes...
Restroprenuer Priyank Sukhija on innovating new concepts

Priyank Sukhija cooks up new concepts to keep Delhi’s belly full

The invincible restaurateur Priyank Sukhija - with his numerous and varied establishments - has changed the way people dine and drink in the Capital....
No plans to downsize stores, says Swedish retailer H&M

No plans to downsize India stores, says Swedish retailer H&M

Swedish clothing retailer Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) denies the report of a leading daily that it is planning to downsize its stores.According to a...
How technology-driven is retail?

5 food-tech startups in troubled waters

The Bubble Is Bursting Despite beginning with a bang, Indian food tech startups have been feeling the heat since last year. Many of them have...
RAW Pressery's Anuj Rakyan on how to juice up your life

RAW Pressery’s Anuj Rakyan on how to juice up your life

Summers are beating down upon us. Indians - especially up north - are facing the wrath of the harsh sun. We're dehydrated, fatigued and feel lazy.To keep...
T’Pot Cafe to open 30 more outlets in 2016

T’Pot Cafe to open 30 more outlets in 2016

T’Pot Cafe, a start-up specializing in the 'chai-nashta' segment, is on an expansion spree. On Wednesday, they are opening two new outlets in Noida...
Evolving chocolate industry in India

The Chocolate Room, Cocoashala take India’s chocolate industry to delicious heights

A delectable combination of rising disposable incomes, changing lifestyles and a young population’s growing penchant for indulgence has transformed India into one of the...
Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle

5 organic retail outlets health nuts must try!

LIVING A HOLISTIC, WHOLESOME LIFE An organic lifestyle is no longer just a fad. Higher disposable incomes and greater awareness mean middle-class consumers are willing...