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Meta AI rolls out in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

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With this, people can use Meta AI in feeds and chats across its apps to get things done

New Delhi: Meta on Monday announced the availability of its AI assistant ‘Meta AI’ in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and portal.

With this, people can use Meta AI in feeds and chats across its apps to get things done, create content, and deep dive into topics, without having to leave the app they are using, according to a statement by the social media giant.

“Meta AI, one of the world’s leading AI assistants, now arrives in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and And it’s built with Meta Llama 3, our most advanced LLM to date,” Meta said announcing the rollout in India in English.

Meta first announced Meta AI at last year’s Connect, and since April, it has been bringing the latest version of Meta AI built with Llama 3 to users across the world.

“With our most powerful Large Language Model (LLM) under the hood, Meta AI is better than ever. We’re excited to share our next-generation assistant with even more people and can’t wait to see how it enhances people’s lives,” it said.

From asking Meta AI in WhatsApp group chat for recommendations on restaurants, to seeking ideas on places to stop on a road trip, or even asking Meta AI on the web to create a multiple choice test, Meta AI works in multiple ways for users.

“Moving into your first apartment? Ask Meta AI to ‘imagine’ the aesthetic you want so that you can create a mood board of AI-generated images for inspiration on your furniture shopping,” the Meta announcement said citing examples.

Users can also access Meta AI when scrolling through Facebook feeds. “Come across a post you’re interested in? You can ask Meta AI for more info right from the post. So if you see a photo of the northern lights in Iceland, you can ask Meta AI what time of year is best to check out the aurora borealis,” it said.

On the Meta AI’s imagine feature, it said, using the word imagine while interacting with Meta AI directly or in a group chat, can help users create and share images.

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