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Namaskara Meals to open 20 outlets by FY25

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The company began its operations recently, starting from Gurugram, with six new locations

Bengaluru: Indian street food restaurant chain Namaskara Meals is targeting to launch 20 more outlets by fiscal year 2025, the company said in a press release on Monday.

The company recently commenced its operations, launching six locations in Gurugram.

“Operating through a food truck and food container model, Namaskara has rolled out its services across six different locations in Gurugram. With aspirations to expand its reach and organize the roadside eatery business in India, Namaskara aims to establish 20 locations in FY 24-25,” said Riya Satti, chief operating officer of Namaskara.

The Gurugram locations span a total of 5,000 square feet, with the capacity to serve 15,000 meals on a daily basis, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all priced affordably starting from Rs 50 to on an average Rs 150.

The restaurant chain was launched in partnership with Building Brands for Tomorrow (BBFT), a company that supports over 50 restaurants and more than 15 retail brands in expanding their footprints through franchising.

“In a market estimated at a staggering $41 billion, Namaskara’s arrival heralds a welcome. When I worked upon Namaskara, we really felt that this market, though extensive, has long grappled with issues of unhygienic practices, inefficiency, and disorganization, creating a significant void that Namaskara is poised to fill,” said Rohit Singh, founder of BBFT.

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