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Travel Retail Services opens 4 new stores at retail hubs across India

Travel Retail Services (TRS), which exclusively owns and operate the RELAY franchise in India, has opened 3 new stores between August and September 2022. The new stores are located in the domestic departure area of Airports at Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Additionally, TRS has also opened a new store under its CHOCO BAY brand at the Domestic Arrival, Bangalore airport.

Currently, TRS operates 28 stores under brands RELAY (19 stores), Choco Bay (5 stores), Mishta (2 stores), and Tobacco Kiosk (2 stores). These stores are located across 8 Airports – Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Goa, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Mumbai – with one store along a Highway in Haridwar. Future Plans include the new Airport in GOA, Terminal 2 Bangalore & Chennai.

The RELAY stores in India are run under a franchise license agreement between Travel Food Services (India’s leading F&B retailer) and LS Travel Retail ASPAC — the parent company for brand RELAY. The tie-up between the two companies led to the formation of TRS, which is tasked to operate brand RELAY at travel locations in India.

RELAY is the world’s leading Travel Essentials format owned by Lagardere of France, Specialising in Books, Press, Confectionery, Gifting, Tobacco, Tech & Travel Accessories, with a worldwide network of more than 1,300 stores across 20 countries — from Paris to come into RELAY stores to buy Drinks, Snacks, Books, Magazines, Souvenirs and other travel convenience products before the start of any journey.