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Tasva: Making Fashion More Accessible and Affordable


Owned by Indivinity Clothing, a partnership between Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. and Tarun Tahiliani, Tasva is an ethnic wear brand that was launched in 2021 and by the end of the financial year, would be operating close to 70 stores.

Dhruv Kaura, Chief Operating Officer, Tasva

In an exclusive interaction with Dhruv Kaura, Chief Operating Officer, Tasva, we delve on its consumption story and emerging trends in the world of ethnic fashion.

How would you define Tasva’s consumption story for India and Bharat?

There is a need and there is a big growth opportunity in India for practical, beautiful clothes. About 34 % of India’s population is of marriageable age, with 10 million marriages happening each year. There are 25 major festivals where consumers prefer to wear ethnic wear. Apart from one major brand, this space is largely full of unorganized players catering to the wedding market in India.

At Tasva, we are making clothes for the young Indian who wants stylish and comfortable wedding wear. We want to break the perception that ethnic wear for men cannot be comfortable.

Has your consumer story redefined your brand’s approach, especially during the pandemic?

We are a new brand and our first store was launched in December 2021 in Malleswaram, Bengaluru. The pandemic did delay our expansion plans but it also gave us some more time to focus on our back-end. With our design, fabric and production team being in-house, we are close to the market and very swift to react to consumer trends and feedback.

Consumer interaction with brands takes place across channels now and we need to be where the consumer is. We will soon be rolling out our brand campaign towards the wedding season which would help consumers aspire to and associate with our brand.

How do you plan to offer your customers differentiated service and experience?

Consumers are right at the centre and are the single biggest influencing factor for all our decisions. We want to give our consumers top products with the best designs and fabric that differentiate us from the rest. Already in a short span of time, we have been able to create a new category and provide size basis consumer feedback.

At Tasva, Tarun’s world-class design aesthetic is complemented with an experience that truly brings the proposition alive. Staff at Tasva is genuinely and honestly cheerful, full of gratitude and empowered to give their best.

Training is one part; it’s the culture that drives the embodiment of our philosophy for Tasva – All that is me, that which is mine.

How is the consumer in a Tier-I city different from the one in a Tier-II or III city?

I don’t think expectations are so different between a metro or a Tier-II/III consumer. Thanks to the free flow of information and rapid digitization, there are really no geographical boundaries these days. The customer is aware and he/she is well-researched and prepared before the final purchase. We have a story behind every product that we make and that is most important for the customer. We are designed to cater to all kinds of customers – to the modern customer who is well travelled, likes to follow tradition but likes subtle designs/colours, and also to the big fat Indian wedding customer who loves larger-than-life designs and wants all the glitz and glamour.

Latest designs, freshness, availability of inventory, fast deliveries, friendly returns & exchange policies and a great consumer experience are demanded by consumers irrespective of where they live.

How are you laying the foundation for growth and success this year?

We are looking at massive expansion across the top cities in India this year. We started the year with six stores and by the end of the a financial year we would be operating close to 70 stores. This journey would involve hiring the top talent, building iconic stores and giving an unparalleled customer experience. We are very confident of our product and sharp pricing which has been well appreciated by our consumers.

We want to be accessible to all; we are creating a new segment, we are offering garments in designs that were in the past only available with couture. We are bringing fashion in ready-to-wear wedding attire for grooms at an affordable prices.

We have also laid the foundation and started our own website this year and would be entering into the marketplace to make our products accessible to a wider consumer base.

Finally, what is your vision for the brand?

Our vision is to be the preferred premium ethnic wear brand. This would be brought to life through our pillars of product leadership, brand leadership, drive access, operational excellence and creating a great place to work.