Creating brands for the next decade: Consumption trends and strategies

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It is imperative for India’s fledgling yet promising direct-to-consumer (D2C) industry stay on top of the game and provide an integrated solution to the customer, D2C experts said on Thursday.

Some D2C brands are launching physical outlets to create an omnichannel experience for their consumers, especially, as they expand their offerings and enter new categories, they said in a session in the third edition of the IMAGES Group’s Phygital Retail Convention (PRC) 2022.

The session talked about: building omnichannel customer experiences; driving brand visibility and boosting the business opportunities in the D2C landscape. 

The panelists of the session include: Harshil Salot,Founder, The Sleep Company; Pranav Malhotra, Founder & CEO, TruNativ; Neerja Lakhani, Founder, Innersense; Pradeep Krishnakumar, Founder, Zouk; Anurag Kedia, Co-founder & CEO, Pilgrim; Devanshi Shah, Founder, PetKonnect.

And it is moderated by: Kaustubh Nagarkar, Director, Deals Strategy, PwC.

Neerja Lakhani, Founder, Innersense talked about the consumption of the brands in the next decade and mentioned , “The consumers are asking for more as they’re not just happy with what the traditional players are offering, and they are getting the new offering by the D2C brands. Like specifically talking about my industry, the brands were just focussing on the new colors/patterns but we offered them with the sustainability factor. The sustainability factor is the major trend which will be there in the future.” 

Harshil Salot,Founder, The Sleep Company added to this and said, “Today’s customers have a lot of access to the information and with the new preferences the legacy brands are not able to deliver that offering. The D2C brands are coming up with the product differentiation point and talking about our category we have understood that sleep is becoming an integral aspect of the health and after the consumers have researched, the customers are looking for the right brand.

Devanshi Shah, Founder, PetKonnect talking about the new strategies that the company is opting, “We are trying to build the community and the essence of that is if the customers are pet parents, they can get connected with the other pet parents and discuss the issues as a community. We are also using different algorithms/AI which can also suggest products for dogs and cats separately. Personalization and Communication is one of the emerging things from the customer point of view.”


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