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Blinkit now will home deliver print-outs like milk, eggs and bread


So far Blinkit has delivered milk, eggs, breads and other thousands of other groceries products as part of its quick commerce business. Now, the Zomato-owned company will home deliver print-outs at consumer doorsteps in flat 11 minutes.

Jitesh Goel, Product at Blinkit announced the news on a LinkedIn post on Friday. “Have never had a printer at home and getting it from cyber cafe or library or neighbours or offices has always been cumbersome specially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadlines,” Goel wrote in his LinkedIn post. “This should be really useful specially at the rates it is available at. You just have to upload the file and we will deliver it to you in minutes. And we will delete the uploaded file after delivery. Do try it out and share your feedback.”

To begin with the service will be available in some select locations, Goel said without mentioning the cities.

The story resonates with millions of people in India who have to rely on friends or cyber cafes to get print-outs of legions of forms required in India or kids’ school projects.

Goel did not mention how much BlinkIt will charge per page of print-out but media reports suggested the quick-commerce platform will charge Rs 9 for a black and white print-out, Rs 19 for color page and Rs 25 will be charged every time a delivery agent dashes to consumers doorsteps with documents.

With this move, the company wants to address the market of academic printing services that include service to rental agreements, visas and passports applications.

In June, the 10-minute delivery platform Blinkit was acquired by Zomato for Rs 4, 4476 crore (about $568 million).  In December 2021, Grofers rebranded itself as ‘Blinkit’. This rebranding came in line with the company placing a big bet on the quick commerce or 10-minute grocery delivery space.

Blinkit’s annual turnover in the last three fiscals were: Rs 263 crore in FY22, Rs 200 crore in FY21 and Rs 165 crore in FY20.