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Plum unveils ad film with brand ambassador Rashmika Mandanna


The D2C brand Plum has come up with a new campaign #PimpleCareUpdated. Featuring Plum’s brand ambassador Actress Rashmika Mandanna, the campaign exhorts people to update their care regime to tackle problems that have escalated due to modern problems like extra pollution, round-the-clock work, or sleep deprivation.

Conceptualized by Famous Innovations, the film portrays real life girl-next-door Rashmika Mandanna as protagonist showcasing struggle of a girl with modern-day issues like sleep deprivation due to lifestyle changes, stress due to achieving work-life balance, and exposure of the skin to increasing pollution. All the stress that leads to pimples. As she navigates her way through these in a rather dramatic and relatable way, she finally counts on Plum Green Tea Face Wash to take care of her skin and help manage pimples. Encouraging consumers to question their methods and bring forth modern solutions, the campaign aims to connect with girls who are dealing with these issues in their everyday life and thereby providing an updated answer to ‘pimple care routine’.

Shivani Behl, Chief Marketing Officer Plum, commenting on the campaign, said, “We’re thrilled to announce our first brand campaign with Rashmika Mandanna, as she joins the Plum family. Further, this film is closer to our hearts as it marks the cameo debut of Plum’s Founder Shankar Prasad in the role of a not-so-cool boss. This campaign #PimpleCareUpdated features our bestselling Green Tea Face Wash offering an updated solution to modern problems faced by millions of women today. With Rashmika’s confidence, authenticity, and strong connection with the audience, we envision the Plum message of modern, effective care reaching every household across the country.”

Tenzin Wangdi, Senior Creative Director at Famous Innovations, said “Everything’s changed today. The way we work, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we interact with others. And while we’re swinging for the fences in our modern lives, it’s funny how something as small as a pimple makes us go back to old and traditional remedies. That’s what we wanted to convey in a dramatic yet fun, relatable manner. Whether it’s a pimple because of excessive screen-time stress thanks to late-night binge watching or one that’s from round-the-clock work stress, pimple care is now updated. Just like everything around us.”

Plum continues to be one of the fastest-growing brands in the new-age beauty space, thanks to its high-quality product lines, lovable brand personality, and strong Omni-channel presence.