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Orange Tree opens its flagship store in Hyderabad


The eponymous home lifestyle brand, Orange Tree makes its brick-and-mortar debut in Hyderabad, with a spacious, experiential and alluring flagship store. 

The store is spread across 4,000 sq. feet, the store exudes an inviting, contemporary and chic aura, while reflecting modern sensibilities. An eye-catching, impressive Jodhpur stone façade welcomes its visitors with a nudging reminder of the origin of the brand. Step through the towering 18-foot tall exquisite, hand-carved front door and you will find your eyes drawn to a confection of modern elegance steeped in warmth and comfort. 

The large format of the store has easy-to-browse and artistically styled displays, with distinctive wooden partitions creating niches and privacy with each beautiful range. The play of warm, sumptuous natural light, filtering through its tall windows gives it finesse with innate vibrancy. but with intelligent restraint.  

Basant, a high echelon in the global export arena of furniture and accessories is a quarter-century-old enterprise of Jodhpur. Currently exporting to 17 countries and renowned stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Zara Homes, and Crate & Barrel among others,  follows a sustainable and conscious ecosystem like a testament. With a vision to transform lives and spaces in India with global trends digitally, Orange Tree was created. And finally, a culmination of their presence in this flagship store that epitomizes modern designs through its enticing space.      

Gaurav Jain, Founder, Orange Tree commented on this and added, “Hyderabad is a city that has always inspired us, because of its architectural heritage and rich history of craftsmanship and now an IT hub. Our new haven is an ode to the cosmopolitan homeowners allowing holistic visualization of our various home styling concepts.”