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    Roberto Cavalli Watches partners with AP Group to strengthen its position in Indian market


    AP Group has announced a strategic partnership with two of the international premium brands, Roberto Cavalli Watches and Roberto Cavalli by Frank Muller- a luxury Swiss watch segment. 

    Through a historic collaboration between Italian luxury brand Roberto Cavalli and premium Swiss Watchmaker Franck Muller, AP Group has come forward to introduce an exclusive collection of high end, Swiss-made watches in the Indian market.

    AP Group is dedicated to retail and distribution of international premium and luxury brands in India. Roberto Cavalli believes that their premium and luxury watches will adorn the personality of every trendy and stylish man and woman with a strong sense of fashion.

    On this occasion Adi Shroff, COO of the AP Group said, “The new line of Roberto Cavalli exudes style, flamboyance and sophistication. The collection is glamorous, youthful, bold, and free-spirited. The iconic snake watch from Roberto Cavalli by Frank Muller is a must have for every Indian woman who wants to add something unique to her persona and ramp up her style quotient.”

    Roberto Cavalli is not only a highly aspirational brand but also hones great brand salience in India and worldwide. The brand already has a wide acceptability by Indian consumers, when it comes to their apparel and fragrances categories. However, its range of premium watches has not yet captured the attention of the Indian audience. This partnership, is hence, aimed at creating a young, aspirational portfolio play, across the affordable luxury segment in the fashion, and accessory categories.

    Shroff  commented on this incredible partnership, and said, “Luxury is no longer restricted to developed countries but is also gaining popularity in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific. In India, watches are considered a part of fashion accessories and, thus, consumers are shifting from classical watches to luxury brands with innovation and unique design. Our vision is to make premium brands accessible to Indian consumers. With Roberto Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli by Frank Muller in our portfolio we’ll be able to offer the most desirable brand to Indian consumers for which we are really excited.”

    “Taking leverage from this we are set to launch the watch segment of the brand which is comprised of a rich and varied collection. On the initial level, we’ll make it available at selective premium watch multi-brand stores and online platforms”, he further added.

    Offline Partners are Ganga Ram’s, The Golden Time, Luxury Time, It’s About Time,  Watches of Switzerland. Online partners for this collaboration include Myntra luxe, Tata Cliq Luxury and Approved Club etc.