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Mensa Brands acquires wearable brand Pebble


Mensa Brands enters the smart wearable segment by acquiring ‘Pebble’, a wearable brand.  This collaboration will strengthen Pebble’s online footprint and amplify its marketing and branding efforts to become a household digital brand.

Pebble was founded in 2013 by the father and daughter duo, Ajay Agarwal and Komal Agarwal. Pebble is a lifestyle electronics brand that is revolutionizing the wearables industry by emphasizing user-friendly product design. Pebble is one of the highest-selling home-grown smart wearable brands and offers audio products, fitness wearables, and charging solutions with designs that go beyond functionality and innovative technology to enhance the user experience. Pebble has nationwide offline distribution. Its marquee products include the Cosmo line of smartwatches, Wireless Audio, and devices like the Comet and Buds Pro.

Ananth Narayanan, Founder, and CEO of Mensa Brands said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pebble and its amazing team led by Komal and Ajay. In the fast-growing smart wearables segment, we believe Pebble stands apart as it perfectly combines fashion with cutting-edge technology. Our collaboration with Pebble is set to write the next chapter in the brand’s journey, one which will take it to wider audiences and geographies, scaling its business exponentially in the process.”

Speaking on the association with Mensa Brands, Komal Agarwal, Co-founder of Pebble said, “Being part of Mensa Brands will help strengthen our position in the wearables market and open up new opportunities for us to leverage. While maintaining our commitment to innovative design and affordable prices, Mensa brands will provide us with the technological innovations and digital brand building capabilities to disrupt the global smart wearable market.”

Mensa works closely with partner brands to accelerate growth in both marketplaces and D2C channels in India and globally, ensuring Pebble’s digital growth is turbocharged by leveraging a combination of levers across product, and pricing, marketing, distribution, and brand building.