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Snapdeal witnessed 40% jump in kids category in 2022


With pandemic fears receding and daily lives moving towards a semblance of normalcy, online shopping is reflecting a relaxed and optimistic sentiment in society, including in smaller cities and towns across the country. This change in shopping trends is visible in recent data shared by Snapdeal, India’s value-focused online platform, that draws more than 85% of its business from non-metro locations.

As per last five months data analyzed by Snapdeal, the volume in the kids category is 40% higher this year (January- May ’22) as compared to the equivalent period last year (January- May ’21).

The upbeat mood is reflected in a 130% growth in occasion wear for children, which caters to special occasions including festivals, birthdays and other social celebrations with friends and family. Similarly, the sale of ethnic wear for children is up 263% this year due to families getting the opportunity to meet and jointly celebrate weddings and festivals like  Eid, Baisakhi, Pongal and Guddi Padwa. A large part of the demand for kids ethnic wear was centered in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

The rapid growth in some categories is distinct from the trends in previous two years, where there was a greater emphasis on utilitarian wear like tracks & t-shirts and top-bottom sets, largely for home use. With more kids’ fashion being bought online, shopping trends on Snapdeal indicated consumer preferences for items that offered “more value.” Complete outfits in the Rs 499-699 range were popular with users. 

Parents shopping for their infants showed higher inclination towards apparel that is stylish, but also provides comfort and convenience. Reusable velcro diapers, Onesies with shoulder flaps that are easy to remove, front open vests and tie knot dresses were some of the popular items preferred by parents. Snapdeal added more relevantant choices from brands like Fashion Dream, Aarika, Mojua and Hopscotch in this regard.

While apparel continued to be the largest part in the kids category, post pandemic buying trends in the kids category have also changed. 

An indication of how users are re-organising their time was visible in the increased sale of  outdoor/ sports items like  tricycles, ride-ons & skates, where sales went up by  96%, while indoor games, art & craft supplies, kids room decor that had  gained popularity during lockdowns saw  a drop in sales volumes.

There was also increased awareness and desire to buy baby safety products. Sales in this category grew 37% with products like knee pads for crawling babies, baby helmets for new walkers and safety harnesses for walking assistance being popular choices. Families also bought finger pinch door guards, foam guards for sharp furniture edges, safety locks to secure cupboards and covers for electric socket points. The addition of brands like Safe O Kids, Brandonn and Amardeep helped augment the selection in this category.

While the overall fashion category grew over the equivalent period last year, footwear was a popular choice amongst both men and women on Snapdeal, with sales of men’s casual shoes increasing by 141 percent and sales of women’s slip ons and pumps increasing by 43 percent. Women’s fashion saw a rise in the sale of dress materials, maternity wear, and essentials, while Men’s fashion saw a rise in chino and polo t-shirts.