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Licious unveils a new brand identity


Licious unveiled a refreshed brand identity as part of the new identity unveil, the brand will sport a new logo and colour scheme that seamlessly transcends the boundaries of visual media to bring the hearty-meaty experience alive. 

India’s most loved meat brand, Licious has ruled over the kitchens and hearts of Indian consumers with the perfect medley of great quality products & unparalleled experience. It has catered to the highly evolved palate of the Indian consumers through superior quality, fresh products, while simplifying the meat buying process by deploying cutting edge technology and creating an overall delight by transforming the way India experiences meat! Additionally, empirical data suggests the need to refresh brand identities every 7 years. Licious’s identity transition coincides with its 7th anniversary. 

Santosh Hegde, VP- Brands, Licious, commented on this and added, “Licious was created by meat lovers, for meat lovers. The brand is as much a living, breathing entity as its customers. Hence, innovation and evolution are not just pertinent, but critical to our journey. 

Licious has successfully reshaped the perception of quality, purchase, and consumption experience that one associates with meats & seafood in India. As the torchbearer we have started a movement that we must live up to! Hence, the renewed brand identity.

We exist in a marketplace where the consumer, category & competition is constantly evolving, expanding, and disrupting. Our refreshed brand identity will enable us to not just stay ahead of this curve but carve out the path ahead. In the coming months we will invest in creating properties across multiple consumer touchpoints to aid stories and narratives that will give a more concrete shape to the Licious of tomorrow.”

A combination of smoky grey, hearty red and creamy white, the logo is designed to enliven the lusciousness that one associates with meat – the taste, texture & aroma of the consumption experience. The logo as well as the other visual elements borrow heavily from the flowy and juicy textures of meats, seafood, and poultry products. The patterns, that can be noticed across all touchpoints of the brand’s interaction with its stakeholders, are subtle details that bring delight to the system.

The refreshed brand identity manifests itself through its app, website, offline stores, packaging, communications, and all branded assets. The visual character and form of the logo inspires all illustrations that comprises the brand’s signature.