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If I were Nicola Tesla, and I set out to reinvent the world of D2C, What would I do?


The pandemic has pushed the growth of the D2C (Direct to Consumer) ecosystem and it has made it easier for customers to directly connect with the brands of their preference in a personalized manner. Therefore, it becomes important for the brands to build a user interface that can provide a seamless experience to their customers.

Delivering a consistent shopping experience to online customers requires D2C brands to offer seamless e-commerce, logistics, and payment infrastructure so that the online shoppers can get high-quality products via a delightful shopping experience. Building these capabilities are a back-breaking challenge for the brands and there comes the appointment of the technology enablers who make it a little easy for the brands.

The panelists of the session included:

  • Girish Chaturvedi, CBO, Netcore
  • Annu Grover, Founder, Nurturing Green
  • Chirag Gupta, Founder, 4700BC
  • Deepak Gupta, COO, Bombay Shaving Company
  • Jeevika Tyagi, Co-Founder & CEO, aastey
  • Champ Alreja, Co-Founder & CBO, GOQii

And the session was moderated by Apoorva Sharma, Partner, Stride Ventures

Talking points of the session:

  • Innovating the Product differently with a unique offering
  • Building the world-class team
  • Building a world-class Operations (Back-end, Supply Chain, Customer Support)
  • Getting close to the customers and building a loyal relationship with them
  • Creating a cool website 
  • Making Investors happy

With millions if not billions of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand has become crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Branding plays a vital role to create an echo with the customers and catch their attention.

Talking more about this Champ Alreja, Co-Founder & CBO, GOQii talked about his branding “We had a story behind our brand and the logo itself has a story in which the Qi basically means inner force in the Chinese language. We’re helping brands discover their inner force.”

Chirag Gupta, Founder, 4700BC shared with us their personal story about the brand’s name and added, “The story behind the name is that we eat popcorn in cinemas, local shops etc. But the perception of popcorn in India is low, and we were looking to up that game. Hence, we decided to start it with history and tell people how popcorn was invented and how it grew to be a snack item.”

He further added, “After doing research, we found out that there were fossils of popcorn in 4700 BC as well, which clearly means that humans were eating popcorn from that era. So, that was the reason we named our brand 4700 BC. It also gave us one more inclination, as in the alphabetical list the number comes at the top and it’s easy for people to remember it.”

Before entering the market, the brand needs to do primary customer research to determine whether they have created a successful product/ service or not. A product can only generate high sales if it’s solving any problem statement in that case the constructive feedback from the customers plays a huge role. Jeevika Tyagi, Co-Founder & CEO, aastey stated on this, “We don’t call our customers as customers rather we call them tribe and we have built that through our hard work. We built this through sharing everything with the women on our friend list, and family members. Through this, we’re able to innovate our product and bring India’s first sustainable athleisure brand that is also home-grown. When we launched, we were not ready to foray into the market but we gained confidence after sharing it with the women who provided the right feedback with us. As we launched our products in the market, the community members turned out to be the immediate shoppers.”

Annu Grover, Founder, of Nurturing Green stated on this, “We do three to four benchmarking processes to understand the trends and understand what’s happening around the market.”

The process is as follows:

Talk to customers: We also practice one activity in which one member of senior management has to go to the store and talk to the customers. In the online portal, we do at least 10 visits every quarter by delivering the order. If I live in Noida, I will deliver 10 orders in that area. At that time, we talk to the customers and get insights from them.

Create a community: We have created a WhatsApp group, which is called ‘VOC’. We have built some software to get the trends about the customer’s complaints, in which every complaint needs to get addressed. Every team member has to get it vetted by me and I have to sign that report. Through this, I get to know about the complaints across the globe.

Teamwork: We have created a scheme in which we give 10% price points to our internal stakeholders’/ team members. Through this, we can gather feedback and also get to know the new trend, product line, and concept from our stakeholders who for the time being act as a customer.