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Sporto Innovates on Product, Launches ‘The Perfect Polo’


Flexiwear brand Sporto, from the house of JG Hosiery, has innovated on the popular polo t-shirt to launch, what it claims, is ‘The Perfect Polo’. The brand has researched and worked on a number of aspects, including the material of the collar, the width of the collar, the width of the placket and the length of the garment.

Ninad Umargekar, CMO, JG Hosiery, shows off the detailed packaging of Sporto perfect polo at India Fashion Forum 2022

Speaking about the new product, Ninad Umargekar, Chief Marketing Officer, JG Hosiery, said, “A polo t-shirt is a serious piece of clothing. It’s chosen by people who like to look a particular way. We realised that a lot of times when people choose a serious piece of clothing and when it goes limp after a few washes, that’s a big disappointment. The other thing, and the most important thing, is the fit. If you look at any polo t-shirt in the market, there is something or the other that is wrong with the fit. What we have done with the fit is in the collar because that is the key differentiator. If you look at the edge of the collar, it always bends to one side. We’ve tried to improve upon that and made the fit to be the best in the market.  This collar will never bend. We have worked on the material and width of the collar.” He added that the issue really is that a lot of brands don’t want to take bold decisions; they don’t want to change things. Sporto’s new polo t-shirt also has a narrower placket to give the garment a slimmer profile, and has also been created to the right length to suit all body sizes. 

“The other thing which is very important is packaging. It plays a huge role in how a garment or a brand is perceived. More than the front of the pack, it’s the back of the pack that is important. Today, we are truly living in the era of the product brand. Gone are the times when you could create a parity product and only let your creative be the differentiator. Today, your creativity has to go into your product first. What we’ve done is we’ve created a pack that will stand out at our MBOs – our main channel. We have given detailed information about what makes the product the best in the market,” he explained. 

What has Changed

  • The material and width of the collar have been altered to ensure it never bends at the edges
  • The width of the placket has been narrowed down to give the t-shirt a slimmer profile 
  • The length of the garment has been altered to suit all body sizes 

Key Features

  • 240 GSM Fabric
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Shape, colour retention 
  • Available in 15 colours

    Sporto products are also available on https://www.sporto.in/