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Surreal Design Studio brings to life the World of tokidoki at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore


Surreal Design Studio has once again enhanced the summer experience for kids with their latest installation ‘The World of tokidoki’ at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore, an official statement highlighted.

The installation which is a part of the mall’s Holiday Land campaign is an experiential space that captivates kids and adults with its larger-than-life characters and allows them to play with their imagination. With this installation, people will be able to explore the World of tokidoki for the first time in India.

The installation brings forward an interactive land of fantasies that narrates the story of tokidoki to the visitors. With a floral landscaping reflecting the ongoing Spring–Summer theme, a 20ft Unicorno in the Centre with four other characters from different themes of tokidoki invites the visitors to witness the magical aura that awaits them.

Their recently launched tech division, SurrealXR, also created and introduced an AR filter to further compliment the décor, that adds a new-age mixed reality experience for the visitors. The aim is to create a more immersive experience for them by combining the best of both; the physical world and the digital world. These filters allow the visitors to share a lot more interesting content, thus, adding to their overall experience.

Talking about the new project Rahul Soni, Founder, Surreal Design Studio said, “tokidoki is one of our favorite installations as it takes us to an imaginative space and be a child once again. We dived into the world of fantasies to bring this to life and we are extremely amused with the outcome. Our association with Holiday Land gives us a chance to enhance the summer fun for kids and blend fun with creativity for an everlasting experience. Experiential marketing installations are gradually becoming an attractive alternative for parents who for some reasons are unable to take kids for a holiday to faraway places.  Moreover, kids today want to engage themselves into something that gives wings to their imagination. The installation stands true to its name – tokidoki which translates to “sometimes” in Japanese, as it is only sometimes that you get to experience something as mesmerizing as this.”

Ameya Kankonkar, Co-founder, Surreal Design Studio, said, “The World of tokidoki is a living example of our vision to transform spaces into highly imaginative experiences. The installation is fun, fresh and creative. The highlights of the installation like the trampoline for kids to play on, few donuts seating, the sprinkle pit for kids and their favorite characters like the Unicorns and Donutella will give them a trip to wonderland. The successful installation of this project has further boosted our confidence to constantly innovate with design and technology implementation to create enhanced experiences for our visitors in public spaces.”

The installation has been put up for the summer months of April and May in Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore.

Surreal Design Studio has also transformed Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore in the past with successful installations like ‘The Infinity Crystal Dome’, ‘Palatial Diwali’ and ‘Santa’s Town’.