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Rage Coffee rebrands its logo and packaging


Rage Coffee has announced the launch of its rebranded logo, colors, aesthetics, and packaging to create a more enhanced connection with a wider and more evolved audience through this modern brand ambiance, an official statement highlighted.

The fastest-growing caffeine-innovation brand would still align with the already established brand identity, which reflects the energy, dynamism, and the virtues of learning and winning; basically, to never give up and be yourself – bold, straightforward, and ambitious. The reorientation follows the Rage way of doing things, which is to keep extending the curve of innovation and go beyond the limits of the conventional ceiling.

Being a caffeine innovation brand, Rage Coffee has always been associated with the curation of product range which supersedes the segment in superiority and originality; it has always been ahead of the conventional curve. The company’s popularity is driven by a strong community of Ragers who swear by the products offered by the company. The brand has swiftly scaled up to new territories since its inception in 2018 – expanding the offline network to 75 distributors, 5 CFAs, and 8 super stockists, covering 2500+ offline touchpoints across India.

Articulating the creative rebranding of the company, Bharat Sethi, Founder and CEO of Rage Coffee said, “Rage has long been known as a highly passionate and lovable brand. We are a caffeine innovation brand that has disrupted the conventional coffee market with our trailblazing products. We are immensely grateful to be backed by a strong community of consumers. However, there was a tiny prejudice towards our target audience. We want to broaden our community perspective to include Rage as the premium coffee brand for all age groups. The revolutionary re-invention of the creatives will expand our brand’s reach while remaining true to our existing brand identity and native DNA.