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    Ratnadeep Retail: Catering to the Wants and Needs of Customers with Quality Products


    Despite the pandemic and the manpower challenges, with 130+ operational stores across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Ratnadeep Retail has kept the dream of making itself, a pan India hyper local chain of supermarkets on solid track.

    Way back in 1987, Ratnadeep was a small supermarket around the corner. Since opening its first store at Kharkhana, Hyderabad the brand has embarked on its glorious retail journey by maintaining a steady growth, due to its structured expansion plan and strategy. With a careful mix of measured risks and rapid expansion, Ratnadeep has today grown to become one of India’s largest and the most awarded supermarket chain in Telangana.

    Throughout the journey, the core focus of the brand has always been to cater the needs, wants and whims of its customers by providing a wide range of quality products and unmatchable service. As a result, the brand has established itself as an innovative gamechanger, by becoming a household name. Despite the pandemic and the manpower challenges, with 130+ operational stores across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Ratnadeep Retail has kept the dream of making itself, a pan India hyper local chain of supermarkets on solid track.

    A singular focus on client gratification based on the values of exceptional quality, broad range of product variety and the guarantee of fresh produce has helped the brand grow into a 130+ store hyperlocal supermarket chain catering to the demanding markets of South India.

    With 4,25, 000 sq. ft of retail space, manned by an enthusiastic team of 5000+ people, the group sells 25000+ SKUs and caters the need of more than 25 lakh customers. This tremendous expansion has happened in the past 35 years.

    Model and Vision

    The company works with 3 models that cater to the varying needs of a customer.

    Ratnadeep Supermarket: The flagship Ratnadeep is a full-fledged supermarket that stocks all the products that one may need for smooth functioning of their home.

    Ratnadeep Select: Ratnadeep Select is a large format experiential shopping destination that offers a curation of premium and international brands and products.

    Ratnadeep Express: Ratnadeep Express is the smaller format pick and go neighbourhood store that targets daily needs and cart refills.

    With the promise of quality, variety & freshness, Ratnadeep Retail was built upon the foundation of providing an exceptional customer experience and as such has constantly evolved with the palates and choices of their customers.

    The brand ensures that only the finest and freshest products find their way to their shelves, ensuring that their customers never have to check what they pick up. They believe that a customer being spoilt for choice is always a great thing and make sure that customers always have a variety of brands to choose from. With such a dedication to quality, variety and freshness, it’s no surprise that they have had the privilege of being invited to set up a store at Secunderabad and Bangalore club, which are part of the five oldest clubs in the country. They are also the only retailers to be invited by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad and the Hyderabad Metro Rail to open stores at their respective centres. Apart from these prestigious establishments, even some of Hyderabad’s top gated communities have invited Ratnadeep to make them an attractive proposition to interested buyers. Beyond Just Winning Hearts Ratnadeep Retail has been the recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in the retail domain, making it the most-awarded supermarket chain in the country. They consider it a huge honour and believe that it is their team and loyal customers who have made them worthy of all their awards. The brand has its fingers on the customer’s pulse is very much evident from its performance.

    To start off with, they have a debt free balance sheet. The ‘Ratnadeep Advantage’ is apart from their own personal success, it is also interesting to note that any commercial property leased out to Ratnadeep automatically becomes a preferential space in the locality due to the immense footfall that the brand pulls. Over the three decades, the brand has been actively reaching out to localities around new stores, as more and more people find it convenient to live and shop in the area. It’s no surprise then that Ratnadeep has been a favourite among property developers who are aware of the immense daily footfall, that a brand like Ratnadeep brings to their commercial space. The vision is to be a leading supermarket retailer in India and make quality groceries accessible to more and more people across different regions.

    Market Value & Expansion

    Since the first store launch in 1987, Ratnadeep Retail had only 3 stores till 2010. The brand began its expansion plan only this decade and in the past 10 years, and has expanded to 130 stores across three states. The brand has vision to enter uncharted territories every year, and is fully focussed on that. By the end of 2024, Ratnadeep plans to open more than 100 more stores, continuing on the fast track to growth and bringing its signature shopping experience to even more customers. Through a careful mix of measured risks and rapid expansion, Ratnadeep has grown to become one of the country’s largest retail brands in the supermarket category over the last three decades. Currently, Ratnadeep is the largest privately held supermarket chain in India, in terms of number of stores and throughput.

    YoY Turnover Growth: 650 Cr. (Financial Year: 2018 – 19)
    YoY Turnover Growth: 830 Cr. (Financial Year: 2019 – 20)
    YoY Turnover Growth: 1100 Cr. (Financial Year: 2020 – 21)
    Projected Turnover: 1400cr (Financial year: 2021-22)
    Productivity Per sq. ft.: 2800
    Average Bill Value: 800

    The Pillars of Foundation

    Sandeep Agarwal, Managing Director at Ratnadeep Retail Pvt. Ltd: Sandeep Agarwal is complemented by a strong, hand-picked management team that is ceaselessly ensuring that the brand delivers an unmatched shopping experience with superior quality of products for customers to select from.

    Under his inspirational leadership, Ratnadeep Retail has expanded from one store to 130+ operational stores in three states of Telangana, AP & Karnataka and further intending to spread nationwide.

    He plays the role of the mentor to not only the board but also the rest of the organization. He oversees the critical portfolios of finance, procurement and HR. With over 30 years of experience in the retail space, Sandeep Agarwal is a true stalwart of the business. His passion for retail enthuses him to follow, study and incorporate international standards in the stores, constantly improvising, innovating, and discreetly transforming the retail scene in India. Giving primary importance to customer satisfaction, he personally keeps a tab of their behavior and feedback. In addition to offering a great customer experience, he strives to bring in new approaches and technologies in retail to make shopping convenient. He is constantly at work, upgrading the facilities to build an enduring customer confidence in the brand.

    Manish Bhartiya, Director: Manish Bhartiya mainly focuses on the future of the business, being a huge part of the technological development of the company. He transformed the IT department by introducing cutting edge ERP systems and modernized the entire process.

    The multi-warehoused supply chain and logistics division owes its smooth functioning to his efforts.

    Mitesh Bhartiya, Director: Mitesh Bhartiya takes care of day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth running of the company. The rapid expansion of Ratnadeep in the last 2 years is in no small part due to his work in the projects department that has cut down the fit-out period of each Ratnadeep store.

    Yash Agarwal, Director: Yash Agarwal, the youngest member of the four, heads the marketing department of Ratnadeep, with his first task being rebranding the 30-year- old organization and giving it a new look. Yash has also been pivotal in implementing new strategies that have resulted in growing existing business and by launching subsidiary brands like Ratnadeep Select. Working closely with Manish, he has also been heading the Business Development wing, which has been instrumental in quickly acquiring prime properties across Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.